Yvette Brooks

Yvette Lopez Brooks

Capitola Mayor

First Job After College

Sometimes the best positions are unexpected

Yvette talks about how, after her undergraduate, she took an unexpected position working at a front desk and after a few years was making more money than an entry level teaching position

"Mass Networker"

Yvette talks to many different people from her community to bring them together

Yvette gives a glimpse into her job as a ‘mass networker’ as she connects different areas within the county. She talks about how her outreach across different parts of Santa Cruz all work towards fulfilling one goal.


Even you can get involved!

Yvette talks about how YFIOB receives money and where locals can get involved to help the organization

Full Podcast

In this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Yvette Lopez Brooks. Yvette shares her career journey from graduating from UCSC where she studied sociology and education, to working for the County Board of Education, to her new role as the Executive Director of Your Future is our Business and is the current Mayor of the city of Capitola. Tune in to learn more!