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Please email yourfutureisourbusiness@gmail.com if you are interested in being a career speaker! 

(All activities take place virtually via Zoom or Google Meet. Please email yourfutureisourbusiness@gmail.com to see if there is space available!)

Wednesdays/Fridays 10:30-11am in March and April
Speak to approximately twenty 8th students from San Lorenzo Valley Middle School about your background and career journey.

Additional Opportunities
4/14/2021 Soquel High School Class Speakers
4/22/2021 Coast Redwood High School Speaker
4/23/2021 Aptos High School Class College and Career Day 9:37-10:20am
6/30/2021 Suenos Career Panel 4-5pm

Welding, construction, graphic design, fire tech, veterinarians, dental assisting, digital Media, entrepreneurs, medical assisting, biology, agriculture technology, photographers

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informational interviews & Mock interviews

A student will spend approximately 30 minutes interviewing an adult about their career and learn what education, training, and skills are required, or vice versa, an adult can serve as an employer giving a mock interview. (Interviews can be done over the phone.)


Job shadows

A student is paired with an employee whom they will follow during a regular workday. This allows youth to experience the workplace and to see first hand what tasks, responsibilities, and roles the career entails.

Workplace tours

A group of students will visit a workplace to learn about the organization, ask questions, meet employees, and observe them in action.


Have one on one conversations to help a student build a clearer path to their future career. Assess their skills/interests, provide them guidance, and connect them to resources.


A student gains experience by doing real work at a workplace. The intern may be responsible for a small project or set of tasks. The intern can work in teams or a variety of departments. Internships can be during the summer or school year and range from a few months to a year.

college and career expos

60-400 students will interact with approximately 10-24 exhibitors who reflect various job sectors in CA . They will ask adults questions about their careers and organization. We provide a table and 2 chairs and you or a rep should bring a tablecloth or sign that indicates to students what you do or where you work. 

career panels

3-5 adults will share their career journey with 30-90 students. Students will have the opportunity to ask adults questions and hear more about their unique background. Panels give adults the opportunity to share practical advice, engage in conversation, and allow students to see the differences and similarities between careers.

career speaker

1 adult will spend between 15-40 minutes showing 15-50 students what their career entails in greater depth. The adult is encouraged to either give a presentation, do a demonstration, and/or an activity that allows students to visualize the career. Career speakers should come prepared with a plan and be comfortable speaking with youth.

What To Be Radio Show/Podcast

30-minute interviews with inspiring people to learn about their careers. If you’ve ever wondered how to become an ethical hacker, a scientist,  what it’s like to run your own business, and more, tune in on Sundays at 7pm at 90.7fm or listen on Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more!
Email whattoberadio@gmail.com for questions, if you’d like to be our next guest or a member of our live audience!

Listen to our radio show/podcast What To Be!

Your Future Is Our Business is a proud parter of Monterey Bay Economic Partnership and sponsor of Monterey Bay Career Connect. Monterey Bay Career Connect offers FREE college and career readiness resources to educators and students across the region (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties), which is sponsored by Monterey Bay Economic Partnership and partners. Features of the site include college planning, financial aid & loan information, local scholarships, career pathways, skill development, job seeker resources, career assessment, explore careers, live job postings within the Monterey Bay region and California, academic programs offered at community colleges in the Monterey Bay region and more! Educator Resources provide supplemental information to use the site with students, educational equity resources, and local and online resources for classroom learning & support. Monterey Bay Internships is a free resource for local college students to help them connect to local employers across the region.

Knowledge is Power. When you participate in our programs, you share knowledge that empowers students for a lifetime


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