Would you like to participate in or provide a career experience? Sign up to become a YFIOB LINK partner!
When you become a LINK partner, you share your desire to participate in work-based learning experiences with us, and we connect you with opportunities to speak with youth about your career! Your information will be sent to the YFIOB team who will get back to your shortly. If you have any questions feel free to email
Ongoing volunteer opportunities fall into several categories:
  • Board Membership: provide input on the direction of the organization, responsibilities include serving on a committee such as fundraising and governance. Commitment is 1-3 years (email
  • Career Panels: answer questions directly from students regarding your career (1 hour approx. commitment per event)
  • Career Day: A group of 3-4 industry professionals talk about their careers to a large group of students (1 hour commitment per event)
  • Career Speaker: Spend about 15-30 minutes sharing your career journey and background more in depth.
  • Informational Interview: spend 15-30 minutes answering questions from a student about your career
  • Mentor: Meet monthly or bi-monthly with a student or group of students to support them in achieving their career goals (2 hours a month)
  • Job Shadow: Allow a student to come to work with you for 3-4 hours, observe you, and answer any questions they may have
  • Workplace tour: Provide a tour to a group of students of your workplace (2-3 hours)
  • Competition Judge: Review projects and select winners (1-2 hour commitment)
  • Mock Interviewer: Help a student practice doing a job interview (1-2 hour commitment)

The future of Santa Cruz County rests on local businesses creating opportunities for our youth. It depends on students finding a clear path to rewarding careers. Our goal is to provide every Santa Cruz County student with opportunities to discover a fulfilling and successful career by linking students to career exploration opportunities in our county. We are searching for adults who can help inspire youth by signing up to be an exhibitor, panelist, classroom speaker, job shadow host, mentor, and more!

As they grow, every student will be confronted with a host of alternating circumstances and unique life events. Every student will grow into their own unique identity. Along their respective journeys, many students will find representation. However, many will not, such as out LGBTQIA+ students, those from historically marginalized communities, and those with disabilities. At YFIOB inclusivity remains always of paramount importance, and this means that fostering inclusive environments for all students, particularly those who historically are underrepresented, is a non-negotiable effort of ours that we take pride in.