Tyson Wiles with a bike

Tyson Wiles

Wiles & Wiles Personal Injury Attorneys

Finding a Career in Law

For any topic that you’re interested in, you can find an area of the law that will pique your interest.

Tyson Wiles explains the variety of career paths you can take after going to law school.

The Appeal of Being a Personal Injury Attorney

One key aspect of being a personal injury attorney is fighting with insurance companies every day.

Tyson Wiles explains why he loves his job as a personal injury attorney: fighting insurance companies.

Skills Required for a Personal Injury Attorney

Aside from going to law school, skills required include organization, being compassionate/empathetic, and the ability to hold your ground with insurance companies.

Tyson Wiles explains how he uses his law school education in his day to day job, and describes general skills that could help with everyday work as a personal injury attorney.

Full Podcast

On the What to Be Show this week we hear from Tyson Wiles of Wiles & Wiles Personal Injury Attorneys. Tyson shares his career journey from growing up in Santa Cruz wanting to become a professional skateboarder to graduating from UCSC and then going on to law school to become an attorney. Tyson follows in the footsteps of his Grandfather and father, Brad, with who he now shares a practice.