Dr. Tycho Speaker

Tycho Speaker

Director of Drug Delivery and Biomaterials at AbbVie Inc.

Working in drug delivery

Drug delivery and biomaterials is like being a cook to deliver drugs through the skin

Learn about what drug delivery and biomaterials is through Dr Tycho Speaker.

Some people lose the magic

People often see science as really dry, but for Dr. Tycho Speaker it has put more magic into the world.

Dr. Tycho Speaker talks about learning about lasers and how it gave him a great appreciation for how the world works.

It really started with cooking

Find questions that interest you.

Dr. Tycho Speaker talks about the qualifications he needs to get to his current job.

Full Podcast

Did you know medicine can now be delivered to the body through a patch? They’re like super band-aids! On this week’s episode, Dr. Tycho Speaker tells us how he found his way into the sciences and provides excellent advice on how to succeed.