Tom AmRhein

Tom AmRhein

Vice President of Naturipe Berry Growers and General Manager of Elkhorn Berry Farms

Building a handworker mentality

Learn to do it yourself

Tom gives insight on how he developed a hardworking mentality.

Pushing through School

Try it out first you might like it


Tom shares his experience with school and how in the beginning he was reluctant to go.

Typical day

There are many different aspects that goes into managing a farm

Tom explains what it’s like to work on the farm that he overseers.

Full Podcast

Tom AmRhein has been working on a farm almost his entire life. No, really, for literally almost his entire life. Tom was born and raised a hard worker, the son of a World War II veteran. In this episode, we learn from Tom what it is like to work among all areas of the agriculture industry, from field work to data collection, he’s had hands on everything in the farm.