Tim Piumarta in a blue truck

Tim Piumarta

Director of Innovations at NHS Inc., Santa Cruz Skateboards

What is a Director of Innovations?

Hard work pays off.

Tim talks about what his job is and how he got there.

Becomming Director or Innovations

Take any opportunity you can to get in the door.

Tim talks about the progression of his career and how he got his first job with NHS.

What Skateboarding used to be

Your passions can take you to amazing places.

Tim talks about what skateboarding as a sport and the technology was like when he first got into it. He talks about how the technology drove him to develop his own boards and innovate within the space.

Full Podcast

While Tim Piumarta has spent almost his entire career with NHS, his journey lead him along a windy path riddled with opportunities to learn new skills for his everchanging roles in the company. From stuffing 6 million bearings, to screen printing materials, and eventually to leading the way of innovative skateboard and material designs, Tim has had his hands on almost every job in the company. Tune in now to hear his story!