Sarah Dahel

Sarah Dahel

Systems Sales Engineer at Pacific Coast Trane

Typical Day

Work hard and maintain a good work life balance

Sarah Dahel goes into detail about her job as a Systems Sales Engineer.

Being a female in a male dominated field

We’re all the same so don’t be intimidated

Sarah Dahel gives advices to girls who want to enter a male dominated field like engineering.

Everyone questions their career path

It’s normal to have doubts about your career path

Sarah Dahel tells us the doubts she had about her career path when she was in school.

How she choose her job

Find school subjects that interest you.

Sarah Dahel explains how she decided on what kind of engineering she wanted to do.

Full Podcast

Sarah Dahel talks with us about her journey toward becoming a Systems Sales Engineer working in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California. Describing herself as a “math-brained” person, Sarah learned early on that the field of engineering would be a good fit for her, and thanks to her proactive and always-prepared mindset, she found a way to have significantly more human interaction than the typical engineer while keeping a role that keeps that math-brain constantly active. Tune in now to hear her story!