Rowland Rebele

Rowland Rebele

Journalist / Philanthropist

Twists of Stories

Misconceptions of journalist.

Rowland talks about the misconception of journalist getting their information wrong as their only job is the report a story with the accurate main story, but the supplementary facts draw different storylines from many perspectives.

The Future of Journalism

Where the future of journalist lies.

Rowland mentions that the freedom of the Democratic society allows Journalism to thrive as they are able to report information that goes around the world.

Accountability of Humans

Accountability between on another when giving.

Rowland talks about being accountable for what they do in the non-profit and profit sectors. We need to be willing to help one another.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Rowland Rebele. Rowland is a journalist, entrepreneur and so much more. Listen as Rowland talks about his career journey in the newspaper business after graduating from Stanford Univeristy and how his family’s generous contribution helped build the Rebele Family Shelter.