Romelia Orozco-Lochte

Romelia Orozco-Lochte

Industrial Engineer and Life Coach

Advice for those trying to find a career they love

Find yourself through quiet time

Romelia shows some advice she has for those trying to find a career that they can love.

Advice for women going into a male dominated field

If people put you down come back stronger

Romelia gives some words of advice for any women looking to go into industrial engineering and might be intimidated due to the male dominance of the field

How do you find courage

Don’t pay attention to the negative energy

Romelia tells us story of how she found the courage to keep moving forward in her job.

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Romelia Orozco-Lochte may be one of the most inspiring individuals to have interviewed on What To Be. Born and raised in Mexico, she found a passion for engineering at a young age and was often told it would not be a good option for her, as a woman. She powered through any obstacles in her way with an unmatched work ethic and propensity to take the initiative for growth opportunities.