Roman Yanish holding a red ball

Roman Yanish

Partnership Catalyst at the Museum of Arts and History, Santa Cruz

How did you get to where you are at?

Volunteer and expand your network.

Roan Yanish explains how by volunteering and showing up to venues, he was able to build a network of people and get exposed to jobs that he didn’t even know existed. From there, he was able to pursue opportunities that aligned with his interests and focused on event planning.

What do you actually do?

Creating a network for supporting local businesses is important.

People think he does something more related to sponsorships, and he does to some extent, but more so he has created a reciprocal network to support the local businesses in Santa Cruz.

Advice for finding a career

Follow the things you actually care about.

Roman talks about how taking a break to figure out what you want to do is important, and especially taking the time out to follow your passions. He emphasizes that feeling overwhelmed is normal, and you figure things out as you go.

Full Podcast

Roman’s story will take you across the country as he talks about the incredible experiences he utilized to build his skill sets, ultimately leading him to the role of Partnership Catalyst at the MAH in Santa Cruz.