Your Future is Our Business What to Be

Rob Gaukel

Chief Operating Officer at Verve Coffee

Background & Responsibilities

Past Experiences lead a person to where they are today.

Rob Gaukel dives into his background, how it all started with Verve Coffee, and his role as the Chief Operating Officer.

Surprises & Challenges

Being a Chief Operating Officer involves being able to adapt and navigate challenges and unexpected situations quickly and efficiently.

Rob Gaukel describes some of the challenges that he had to face as the Chief Operating Officer, and provides some insight into how he was able to navigate some of these challenges and learn from them.

The Journey

Sometimes, your journey will lead you to a different path and an end that is completely different from what you anticipated in the beginning.

Rob Gaukel discusses his journey from college to how he became the Chief Operating Officer, specifically outlining how his journey changed from working toward being a doctor toward dealing with economics, finance, and accounting.

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