Rachel Rassmissen wearing brown sweater

Rachel Rassmussen

HR Director & Barista at Cat and Cloud Coffee

The brutal side of customer service

Dont take things personally.

Rachel talks about her mindset towards people and how she learned to think the way she does. She also talks about the company culture and how they hire.

Growing as a Barista

Being assertive is necessary.

Rachel talks about the skills she developed on the job and the skills she wishes she had going into the job.

A cup of coffee with a smile on the side

Companies can focus on making people happy.

Rachel talks about Cat and Cloud as a company and what drew her towards working there. She also talks about the process she went through in becoming and employee.

Full Podcast

Rachel Rassmussen tells us a little more about what it’s like to have a “Career in Coffee”. Rachel works at Cat & Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz- a coffee shop that prioritizes it’s employees, and “Leaving people better than how they found them” Tune in!