Pablo Orozco-Castro

Pablo Orozco-Castro

Encompass Community Services

Affect of Social Distancing

How conversion to online has been with interacting with students.

Pablo talks about how the transition towards online engagement is challenging for the students


Pablo’s background with mindfulness.

Pablo talks about his work and how he has incorporated mindfulness to counter stress and other related struggles

Day in the life at Forte

What a day to day looks like.

Pablo talks about how he connects people to housing, mental advisors, and identifies systemic barriers for families that need help

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Pablo Orozco-Castro who works with Encompass Community Services of Santa Cruz County. Pablo earned is degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz before obtaining his MSW (Masters in Social Work) from Columbia University. Today Pablo works with youth in our community to help support mental health in many ways including music and so much more!