Nick Winkler at SF Football Statuim

Nick Winkler

General Manager at Los Jardines de San Juan


You can always work your way up

Nick talks about his educational and career background


Life is not always linear

Nick explains how he went from banking to radio


Show up whenever you can

Nick discusses his experience interning and how that helped him choose a career

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Nick Winkler, a proud father and people-person extraordinaire, is the general manager of Los Jardines de San Juan, a wonderful restaurant in San Juan, CA. It’s hard to go wrong with this guy, Nick’s story goes from banking, to radio, to TV, and finally to his current position as general manager, and he makes sure to treat the people around him with unmatched care. Tune in to Nick Winkler’s interview to learn about how perseverance and initiative can take you anywhere in life you’d like to go.