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Michael Sakellis

California State Parks Facility Supervisor North Pajaro Section

Work Environment

Something is always popping up, so you have to be flexible to flip back and forth between all the requirements

Michael Sakellis describes what the work environment at a California State Parks Facility is like.

State Park Training

We are lucky to have a robust training center in our backyard

Michael Sakellis depicts the process of State Park training.

Job Qualifications

One should have a devotion to public service

Michael Sakellis talks about the job qualifications for working at a State Park.

Job Importance

Quality outdoor recreation is a key part to being a healthy individual

Michael Sakellis shares why his job is important to both him and to society.

Day in the Life

We try not to get too much into contracting too much stuff out, but inevitably, it happens

Michael Sakellis runs us through a day in his life working at a State Park.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Michael Sakellis. Michael is the Facility Supervisor for the California State Parks North Pajaro Sector. We hear what it’s like helping keep our beautiful State Parks in our county operating smoothly, especially with a large influx of visitors due to the pandemic. Michael also shares why his job is not only important to himself, but to society. Tune in to find out more!