Michael Allen

Michael A. Allen

Program Coordinator at the Pleasure Point Surf Club

Being a Program Coordinator

Being a Program Coordinator entails conducting many tasks in which leadership and having a strong vision is required.

Michael Allen describes the responsibilities and tasks expected when being a Program Coordinator for the Pleasure Point Surf Club. He also details what Pleasure Point Surf Club’s goals and focuses are and how they are different in comparison to other businesses and organizations.

Personal Experience and Motivation

Providing accessibility for our services and promoting diversity is important to building a strong community and promoting your love for your passions.

Michael Allen details his personal experience being a Program Coordinator and why he has continued to offer his services as a Program Coordinator. He specifically expresses the importance of providing accessibility for their services for all children as well as promoting diversity.

Responsibilities & How Surfing Changed his Life

Find a passion in life and center your work around it.

Michael Allen discusses more of his responsibilities running the organization of Pleasure Point Surf Club and describes how he got into surfing.

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