Mark Stone

Mark Stone

California Assembly Member of the Monterey Bay Region

Getting into the school board

You will never truly understand unless you have experienced it yourself.

Stone discusses the negatives of joining the school board prior to joining, and the positives he sees in becoming a member after becoming one.

Financing schools

Schools aren’t always funded by governments, but also by the taxes many want to be lowered each year, making schools to receive less funding as a result.

Stone explains the method of how schools are mainly funded through property taxes, and the recent restriction to that methoid is leading to schools to receive less funding that before.

becoming a school board director

Sometimes opportunities may arrive as innocuous as connections to connections to those in power.

Stone recalls the process that led to him becoming the head of the school board, which was mianly through recommendations to the California governor shortly before the latter was set to leave office later that week.

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