Lisa Uttal

Jessica Little

Senior Director North Santa Cruz County SELPA

Working with Marine Animals

Lisa has a unique job working with the aquatic life

Lisa describes her job at the Monterey and how it deals with some of the most ecologically diverse ecology systems in the world. She provides a brief description of her work and what they do.

Diverse Ecosystem

The ecosystem is large within the bay

Lisa continues to talk about how special the Monterey bay is and how we, as humans, are part of the sanctuary when we interact with the wildlife. She talkes about how to be sustanable when enjoying the scene

Monteray Bay Opportunities

There are many opportunities within the Monterey Bay

Lisa talks about how vast the area for the Monterey Bay is and how many resources there are for people curious about the ecosystem and environmental projects. She mentions how there are connections within diffirent education communities that are eager to help people explore the bay

Full Podcast

Tune in this evening at 7pm to listen to the What To Be Show on KSQD 90.7 FM Community Radio and streaming at to hear from National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine biologist Lisa Uttal. Hear what it’s like being a marine scientist for a government institution like NOAA for over 13 years. Lisa shares some of her favorite projects like working in the community sharing her love of marine science and why it is vitally important to protect our national treasure, the Monterey bay marine sanctuary.