Leif Rovick

Leif Rovick

Construction Tech Soquel High School

Union Apprenticeship

You can arrive anywhere with work waiting for you

Leif describes a career journey working in the trades.

The Union vs College

As long as you are working, even in school, you get paid

Leif talks about the benefits of working for the union versus taking the traditional college route.


The opportunities that a union career will provide you with are limitless

Leif mentions the role traveling plays for a union worker.

Interests in Welding

If it is broken, it can be fixed

Leif explains the career paths one can complete with an interest in welding

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be show to hear from Leif Rovick. Leif, aka Hal, is a construction tech instructor at Soquel High School and shares his career journey working in the trades, the benefits of working for the unions, and all the work he does at Soquel High as a long time career technical education or CTE teacher. Tune in to find out more!