Ken Doctor

Ken Doctor

CEO of Lookout Santa Cruz

Advice To Future Journalists

Basic skills: reporting and writing. Harness your curiosity. Digital skills: social, video, audio, and visual creation. Get experience

Ken Doctor talks about his advice to future journalists, or people that are thinking of going into journalism

Type of People That Would Enjoy Journalism

People who are very curious. People that have a low capacity for boredom. Quick study people

Ken Doctor talks about the type of people that would go into journalism.

An Average Day In Ken's Life

Strategizing and working with the community

Ken Doctor describes a day in a life of a Lookout CEO

Favorite Projects

San Lorenzo Valley sexual misconduct charges

Ken Doctor describes his favorite projects

Ken's Journey

Attended UCSC, married on campus, war on poverty work, then transfered into journalism

Ken Doctor talks about his journey to his current position

Full Podcast

In this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Ken Doctor. Ken is the CEO and founder of Lookout Santa Cruz which is an emerging network of, digital-only, mobile first, editorially heavy, and hyper local media outlet offering community-focused news and resources. Ken is also known for his 2010 book Newsonomics: The Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get.