Kayla Baumgardner wearing Firefighter uniform

Kayla Baumgardner

Firefighter Paramedic, Central Fire Protection District

Your Calling Is Coming. Be patient

You may discover later in life what you like

Kayla talks about how she ended up becoming a firefighter and how it was not her goal all along. She started off in exercise training and eventually took a program that lead her into EMT school. She found her calling later on after finishing her degree.

Sleep Like a Firefighter?

Firefighters have an interesting schedule

Kayla talks about her average day on the job. She has a 48 hour on, 96 hour off schedule where she works on and off with other people. She works to relieve the crew that she is taking over and prepared for her shift.

It's hard, but it gets easier

At first its hard, then it gets easier

Kayla describes some of the challenges she faced when she fist started her job and what surprised her the most. She also touched briefly on how she overcame these obsticles

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