Kainoa and Alonjahnae wearing U.S. Air Force uniform

Kainoa and Alonjahnae

Lt’s with the U.S. Air Force


There are many different responsibilities and roles in the air force

Kainoa and Alonjahnae talk about how they will be admissions coordinators that will help high schoolers understand what they do and to recruit people for the air force. Then they will go on their separate paths and serve as pilots and engineers.

Post Air Force Academy

After the air force, there are many paths you can take

After the air force there is a lot you can do; Alonjahnee would like to pursue civil engineering and Kainoa will see if he enjoys flying and will be doing that for the next ten years.


School is important but it’s not the end all be all for everyone

The students they work with are great motivational factors to keep them going as the application process can be stressful. School can seem stressful but tit is not the end.

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