Your Future is Our Business What to Be

Justin Mandon

Superintendent of the Pasatiempo Golf Course

Constructed Challenges

Challenges Justin has faced in his job.

Justin talks about hosting a lot of tournaments at the golf course and the process of construction to meet the requirements of the golf course. Installing the irrigation for every tournament is a big challenge. His challenges then transitioned to finding affordable water for the course.

Don't Worry Now

Justin gives his advice for highschool students.

Justin states his advice of its okay to not know. He advises to get a degree that is widely usable across a bunch of careers. Many people in their career field do not have degrees related to their work.

Better Tomorrow Than Today

Justin talks about his motivation.

Justin’s motivation everyday is making the golf course better tomorrow than it was today. The inconsistent inputs of the golf course like weather create big challenges for Justin to create a consistent environment.

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