Dr. JP Dundore-Arias

JP Dundore-Arias

Assistant Professor CSUMB Plant Pathology

The Path to Becomming an Assistant Professor

The path forward is never straight

Dr. Dundore-Arias talks about his non traditional path to becoming a professor, starting in Costa Rica and eventually landing in the US.

The work of the Doctor

Humans have to worry about plant diseases too.

Dr. Dundore-Arias talks about his research work, specifically about diseases affecting lettuce and their effects on the plants and animals.

The Doctor's role at CSUMB

CSUMB is good for agriculture too.

Dr. Dundore-Arias talks about his role as an assistant professor at CSUMB, including information about some of the programs there and the advantages that CSUMB has.

Full Podcast

In this episode of the What To Be Show we hear from California State University of Monterey Bay Assistant Professor in the department of Biology and Chemistry Dr. JP Dundore-Arias.