John Flaniken

John Flaniken

Real Estate Broker & Investor

Where experience gets you in real estate

Nothing beats time.

John talks about the benefits of having a lot of time and experience in the real estate industry.

Beneficial personal skills in real estate

Personal development is key

John talks about some of the personal skills that are helpful for becoming good with real estate.

John's educational journey

The varied path forward

John talks about his educational journey before getting into real estate.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Broker and Investor John Flaniken. John shares his interesting career journey from graduating from UCSC with a degree in Chemistry to now working as a Broker and Investor in Santa Cruz County for nearly 20 years. John also serves on the Santa Cruz County Board of Realtors Association as chair for Government relations, as well as an active member of the Santa Cruz Sunrise Rotary Club.