Joel Ojeda wearing blue suit and red tie

Joel Ojeda

Employment Services Specialist

Helping Others Is Hard Work

Helping people is a full time job

Helping people with disabilities find jobs to brindge the gap between what they can and cant do it an imporant job Joel performs. His main offices are in San Jose, but he works at a local office here in Santa Cruz. He makes prep plans to help people with taking interviews

Even You Can Help

If you love helping others, Joel might have a job for you

Joel always knew he wanted to work with students. He enjoys helping and working with marginalized communities and helping them succeed through their education path. After getting into working with people with disabilities, he found his new calling for advocating for the communities

Its Not So Easy to Advocate

Advocacy is hard work

Joel’s work can be challenging at times. He talks about how his clients have trouble keeping jobs in some instances and how he has to step in to help and dispute situations. He is an advocate for his clients and does his best to put them into good situations.

Full Podcast

Joel Ojeda has found his calling in helping those who just need an extra boost in landing a job. Whether a client was born with a disability or just hasn’t had a job in a few years, Joel helps those who find themselves disadvantaged in the job market. He is an inspiring individual and details incredible stories of perseverance he has witness on the job.