Jimmy Cook

Jimmy Cook

Social Worker/Program Director of CASA of Santa Cruz County

Why a social worker

By helping others, you are able to forever change their future for the better.

Cook reveals he chose to become a social worker to help build relationships with people and for them to be able to help themselves.

Social Worker to big futures

Just from the desire to help people, you may eventually find yourself in positions that will enable you to help more than before.

Cook discusses the different views of a social worker throughout the country, although its main focus is towards foster care, and the careers former social workers are able to reach because of their work, such as senators, business, lawyers, and judges.

A Day in the life

In an occupation where your main job is to help children communication is key; any misunderstandings and the kids are the ones that will be the most affected.

Cook details the work schedule that accompanies his position as a manager for social workers, the constant communication between multiple people, and maintaining a house to conduct work at and to let children become children again.

Necessary Qualities

In sensitive jobs such as dealing with children, it is important to have lots of patience to maintain a sense of peace.

Cook lists the qualities that social workers must have, including patience, attentive listening skills, ability to make conversations, and consideration towards children for self-determination.

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