Jessica Ridgeway Woman in big hat

Jessica Ridgeway

Executive Director of Farm Discovery

What Is Farm Discovery?

Jessica gives an insight into her work

Jessica talks about how she began her career in directing farm discovery, her background of teaching sustainable agg. and how both she and a farmer started this project. She talks about who comes to her farm and uses her program.

Finding the path for you

Make your own path

Jessica talks us through how she made her way through her graduate program and how it didn’t quite have what she wanted. She made her own path. She had to search out the people that could bring together the knowledge she needed.

Business Skills

You need many skills to run a company

Jessica talks about what skills someone would need in her position. She highlights how she wears many hats to fill her position as head of small company. There are many roles and responsibilities that someone needs (and acquires over time) to run a company

Full Podcast

Jessica Ridgeway learned the of the benefits of perseverance and mindfulness along her windy and exciting career path. Finding her calling in earth science and environmentalism, Jessica landed an ideal spot for herself as the Executive Director of Farm Discovery, a company she helped to develop.