Jack Alcantara

Jack Alcantara

Chief Investigator for the Santa Cruz County Public Defender’s Office

What a Police Investigator Does

You have to do a lot.

Jack Alcantara talks about being a private investigator and the roles that have to be done.


How to Prepare

All you really need is good writing skills

Jack Alcantara talks about education and how to become a police investigator.

The Police Investigator Environment

Everyone has some great strength

Jack Alcantara, talks about being working with a team as investigators.

Full Podcast

In this interview Jack Alcantara walks us through the ins and outs of what it’s like to be a public defender and provides advice and direction for those seeking to follow a career path toward criminal justice.

Do you have any questions for Jack Alcantara? Reach out and ask away by going through his website: www.scdefenders.com