Gabriel Medina with headset on and microphone

Gabriel Medina

Senior Program, Digital Arts & Technology Manager at Digital Nest

Helping others start online

Helping others in the digital arts

Gabriel talks a little about his job, what roles he plays, and how he helps others in his job. His job is to help manage creative projects, bring in new content creators who are eager to start in the digital space.

Doing what you love in college

Making your own major

Gabriel talks about his transition out of high school and into college. He went to UCLA and created his own major around film and chicano studies. He switched from his admitted major, Math, once he realized it was not his passion.

Take risks and put yourself out there

Shooting your shot

Reaching out and putting yourself out there can yield amazing results.
Gabriel talks about how he started as an intern for Lionsgate and how he meet
celebrities. From there, he was able to leverage his experiences to get more

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Gabriel Medina is a rising film producer bringing digital arts to the center stage of Watsonville. On top of his work with Calavera Productions, he helps young students get into the digital arts field in an area few would expect to see such growth. He has made it his mission to involve his community in his work.