Eoghan McKee

Eoghan McKee

Circle blockchain security

Narrowing Down Your Career Path

It takes time to truly figure out what you’re passionate about doing.

Eoghan McKee explains why he decided to move away from engineering after college, and how he discovered that he was passionate about working in security.

What is Blockchain Security?

Blockchain security involves making sure that the code itself is secure, as well as ensuring that smart contracts and activity on the blockchain is securely deployed.

Eoghan McKee briefly explains what blockchain security and cryptocurrency is.

Resources for Working in Blockchain Security

Observing people who have a more definitive idea of their career path can help you figure out your own career journey

Eoghan McKee shares resources for students interested in learning more about working in cybersecurity, and advice for students who are unsure about their career path.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Eoghan Mckee. Eoghan is director of security operations at Circle, which works in blockchain cyber security. Eoghan shares his career journey from earning two engineering degrees as well as a Masters’s degree in computer security and forensics. After school, Eoghan worked for eBay and Facebook before working for Circle. Listen in to find out more!