Emily Ham

Emily Ham

Santa Cruz County Business Council

Importance of Language Skills

Emily had applicable skills before beginning her job

Emily talks about how she put her language skills to use and found a job after her undergraduate degree. She also talks about how her first position segwayed into her current career

Applying Extracurricular Skills in Practice

Life skills transfer to work really well

For students in extracurricular activities, Emily talks about how she applied the skills she learned in High school, through her own activities, and how they benefit her through her career.

The Kind of Person that Would Enjoy This Job

Someone who enjoys talking and helping people within the community

Emily talks about what kind of person might enjoy the type of work she does. Talking to people and working within the community are two important aspects of her job.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What to Be Show to hear from Emily Ham. Emily is the new Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Business Council and a new board member of Your Future is Our Business. Emily shares her career journey where she continues to advocate for affordable housing and working to help find solutions to help the homeless population in our county. Emily is also working on making apprenticeship programs more mainstream for businesses, students, and young professionals so they can see them as a resource for career development. Tune in to find out more!