Elizabeth Lockridge and Ella Vadnais wearing Americorps uniform

Elizabeth Lockridge & Ella Vadnais

Americorps Members

a day in the life in the Americorps

Discipline is a virtue.

Elizabeth and Ella go into detail on what they experience everyday in the Americorps.

Surprising things you learn in the Americorps

Learn to take breaks.

Elizabeth and Ella go into detail on things they found out once they experienced the Americorps.

Factors in deciding whether to go to college or not

College isn’t for everyone.

Elizabeth and Ella explain what went through their heads when deciding not to go to college and join the Americorps.

Full Podcast

We conducted our first virtual video interview with Americorps members Elizabeth Lockridge and Ella Vadnais. They are our youngest guests to ever be on the show and shared some insider knowledge on why they signed up and what it’s like to be in the Americorps!