Elfin Saffer

Elfin Saffer

O’Neill Surf Shop

Experience the Surf

Advice for students interested in surf.

Elfin suggests students to just apply for a job and make connections within the surfing community. Getting involved in the surf industry in any way is really good experience.

Surf Students

Fun parts of work.

Elfin is more involved in the surf shops and speak in schools to talk about his job and also pass out things they’ve made. He also gets them jobs for the summer.

Stay in the Water

How O’Neill developed the wetsuit.

O’Neill made the first prototype wetsuit in order to stay in the water longer since he loved it so much. This replaced the old process of pouring hot oil on yourself.


Full Podcast

In this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Elfin Saffer. Elfin has worked for the legendary surf company O’Neill for 30 years and today he handles marketing, advertising and manages the downtown retail store on Pacific Avenue. Listen as Elfin shares his stoke for his job and the love for the iconic O’Neill family.