Allison Paradise

Allison Paradise​

Founder and CEO of The Epicenter

Career Journey

Follow your heart and don’t let others force their expectations on you

Allison Paradise goes into detail about her career journey and how she overcame the expectations that her family and friends were placing on her.

General Advice For Students

Build trust in yourself.

Allison gives her insight on what students should do if they’re still unsure what they want to do as a job.

What The Epicenter Does

Empower yourself and open your mind.

Allison Paradise explains the Epicenter experience and what she is trying to achieve with the Epicenter.

Full Podcast

On this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Allison Paradise who is the Founder and CEO of The Epicenter which is an organization that provides an experience of empowerment. Allison shares her life journey and her thoughts on life, meaning, and purpose. Allison has a degrees in neuroscience and Spanish literature, was the Founder of a successful nonprofit called My Green Lab, has written a book called The Mistake, and has been a TEDx speaker. Tune in to find out more!