Jessica Little

Jessica Little​

Senior Director North Santa Cruz County SELPA

Career Journey

Your career path is flexible and can always shift to different passions.

Jessica Little’s tells us what she went through in order to become the Senior director of SELPA.

A typical day working with SELPA

You will work with a lot of people, so build your interpersonal skills.

Jessica Little tells us what she typically does as a senior director of Special Education and Local Planning Area. She also goes into details on what kind of skills she utilizes on the job.

Advice for people feeling lost

Find things you like, and identify and build skills around them.

Jessica Little gives advice to students who are feeling lost and are unsure what career path they want to pursue.


How to get started in her line of work

Build your career network to find what you like

Jessica provides advice to students who might be interested in purusing a similar career.

What is SELPA and main responsibilities

Helping districts identify unique needs for kids with special needs

Jessica goes into detail on what SELPA is and her responsibilities as the Senior Director.

Full podcast

On this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Jessica Little who is the Senior Director for North Santa Cruz County Special Education Plan Area(SELPA)for the last six months. She works on big picture policy and on an individual level helping connect people with the resources they need. Jessica originally thought she wanted to become a lawyer and earned degrees in Political Science and Philosophy. She then changed her mind and went back to school to earn her teaching credentials in both regular and special education, as well as a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Policy. Listen to find out more about Jessica’s inspirational work!