Elaine Johnson

Elaine Johnson

Program Coordinator Santa Cruz Neighborhood Courts

Advice for taking the Bar Exam

Never give up and don’t burn yourself out

Elaine Johnson provides advice for aspiring student lawyers who are about to take the Bar Exam.

Career Journey

If you set your mind to it you can do it

Elaine Johnson goes through her career journey and how she got to her position.

General advice for being a lawyer

Reach out and utilize resources and opportunities

Elaine Johnson gives advice on how to become a lawyer.

Typical day and skills

You can acquire skills through your life experiences

Elaine Johnson explains what her day is like and the skills she uses on the job.

What does Elaine Johnson do?

Fighting for justice and giving people a second chance

Elaine Johnson is a program coordinator Santa Cruz Neighborhood Courts, that helps people who have committed misdemeanors and small non violent crimes.

Full Podcast

On this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from Elain Johnson who is a new board member of Your Future is Our Business and is the Program Coordinator of the Santa Cruz Neighborhood Courts, a diversion program that is designed to help those with more minor infractions avoid being placed in the criminal justice system, and offer them another chance if they are willing to admit their fault. Elaine is also studying for the bar exam and shares her own powerful and motivating life story. Tune in, you don’t want to miss this great story!