Duc Huynh

Duc Huynh

Deputy Probation Officer


There is a job for everything, even ones where it would be extremely uncomfortable to work at

Huynh explains what is a probation officer, and the responsibilities one in the position is responsible for, especially in one dedicated to young adults and children

Daily Life

Everyday you have the chance to change someone’s life for the better, so be a positive influence rather than a negative one!

Hyunh discusses the daily life of being a probation officer in the mental health unit as well as a counselor


Only in power does one’s true character reveals themselves

Hyunh details the purpose of his position as a counselor with the title of a probation officer, mainly due to his desire to help people improve upon themselves, and to further develop his skills to help more people at a higher quality than before

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Duc Huynh approaches his work with unmatched compassion to help his clients get back into the world, and provides with them the resources they need to succeed.