Dr. George Bunch wearing red jacket

Dr. George Bunch

Pediatric Doctor


Intentions does not always lead you to the future you may have told yourself you would achieve

Dr. Bunch recalls the influences of him choosing to become a doctor in college, and his subsequent education after deciding to swithc mahjors from architecture to pre-med


When one is burdened with being one of the few with lives on your hands, it is important to learn to be calm

Dr. Bunch discusses the life and responsibilities he had when he was one of the 3 doctors at a Navajo reservation

Nature as a Doctor

It is difficult to leave the mindset of your career, even during one’s retirement

Dr. Bunch ruminates on his nature as a doctor, and how it is difficult for him to attend a public or sporting event without having his previous feelings and responsibilities as a doctor to take over

Daily Life

There is always a sense of routine and normalcy no matter the place

Dr. Bunch describes his daily life during his practice at the Navajo reservation

Full Podcast

In this episode of the What to Be Show we hear from pediatric doctor George Bunch, who was the first graduate of the University of New Mexico Medical School. Dr. Bunch also served as President of the New Mexico board of medical examiners and was later President of the New Mexico medical society. Dr. Bunch has been a Deacon and chair of many Presbyterian Church committees, as well as an active Rotarian where he has traveled the world helping people from Uganda to El Salvador.