Dr. Brian Donavan

Dr. Brian Donavan

Research Scientist in 3D Printing at Carbon

3D Printing and What It Can Do

3D printing is a cool new technology

Brian talks about his job and the industry his company is working to contribute to. He talks about how his company is useful in helping industries grow and expand

You Never Know Where You'll End Up

You find what you like to do later in life

You may not find exactly what you want to do right away. Brian found his career path in his last year in college. He then went on to study the area in a two post graduate programs and then went on to complete his PHD.

Listening and Its Skills

You have to learn to listen

There are many skills that help Brian suceed in his industry. Some of his biggest skills are learning and continuing past failure. Being able to communicate and work with others in important in his field. Learning doesnt stop even once you are out of school.

Full Podcast

Dr. Brian Donavan discusses the drive and motivation it takes to work through the extensive amounts of study required to earn his PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering. Dr. Donavan’s current research revolves around the production of materials for 3D printing aimed at various applications, from electronics to fire proofing.