How did I get my job?

Dr. Alicia Botes talks about working with the electron microscope working part time until she got a full time job.

Dr. Alicia Botes talks about the process of getting her current job.

Did you ever expect to be where you are?

Working hard allows you to be anything you want to be.

Dr. Alicia Botes talks about the struggle she had with physics, and how she overcame the odds to get into her field.

The power of an Electron Microscope?

Dr. Alicia Botes, an Electron Microscope allows scientists to get data about the surface of objects with electrons instead of photons.

Alicia Botes explains what an Electron Microscope is. How it works and how big it is.

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Dr. Alicia Botes embodies the “never stop learning” philosophy. She had an roundabout introduction into the physical sciences, beginning her college career studying sports science and entering as a national champion of gymnastics! Her career path changed upon her realization of a love for chemistry, finding excitement in scientific discovery. Dr. Botes went on to earn her PhD in Chemistry and Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University where she focused her efforts on water treatment and the removal of heavy metals using polymer nano-materials. Dr. Botes now works as the Electron Microscope Analyst – a HIGHLY technical field combining knowledge of chemistry and physics – for the Central Analytical Facility in Stellenbosch, South Africa.