David Wright

David Wright

Vice President of Operations at Elements Manufacturing

A Day in the Life of VP of Operations

Organization is key

David talks about what his typical day is like as Vice President of Operations, some of his responsibilities, and the general workflow of his company.

Elements Manufacturing and How David Found Himself there

The path foreword may not be clear

David talks about what his job is, what Elements Manufacturing does, and his path to where he is now.

David's Twisty Road to where he is

Be flexible in the path you choose to take

David talks about his educational path and what made him decide to change the path that he was currently following.

Full Podcast

From political science and public health, to manufacturing, to Silicon Valley tech, and finally BACK to manufacturing, David Wright’s career path has taken him all over the place. David is currently the Vice President of Operations at Elements Manufacturing. His career path has provided David with a worldly perspective, so tune in now to learn more!