Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

Surf Photographer

Shooting on Film vs Digital

Using film and digital is extremely different, but it is important to adapt to modern times.

“Dave Nelson describes his experience conducting photography on film versus digital and details his fear of switching from film to digital photography.

Differentiate Yourself as a Photographer

Be unique in your art and value as a worker.

Dave Nelson describes how it is important in this industry to differentiate yourself from others and to bring value to your clients. He describes his experience differentiating himself, and some of the ways he stays unique and brings value.

Projects as a Photographer

All photographers have a favorite project from their portfolio.

“Dave Nelson describes his favorite projects working as a photographer, highlighting the reasons why.”

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What To Be Show to hear from accomplished surf photographer Dave “Nelly” Nelson. Listen to Dave share his career journey from traveling the globe from Alaska to Papua New Guinea and adapting to an evolving profession.