Damien Golbin wearing a blue shirt

Damien Golbin

Senior Product Designer

How have you come to the place you are at today?

There is a set of tools you learn over time.

Damien Golbin described how he has developed the current set of skills needed to be a Senior Product Designer; he specifically mentions how some were developed in school and other skills were learned on the job and by working on different products over the years.

What grabbed your interest about Product Design?

Following your passions is important.

Damien Golbin describes how he always had this curiosity of how products worked and always had interest in fixing broken things; he has always been interested in inventing new ideas and designing. Once he completed his engineering degree, he got a masters in innovation and continued on that track of the intersection of business and engineering.

Difficulties Faced

Startups have limited resources.

One of the hardest parts in startups is resources, as there are financial and practical limitations. Making sure the way product designers do things are aligned with the resources of the company are very important for shipping products in time and delivering products to clients efficiently.

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