Carolyn Auman

Carolyn Auman

Senior Channel Account Manager

Being a Senior Channel Account Manager at Poly Plantronics

At Poly, being a Senior Channel Account Manager involves many business tasks that everyone should learn.

Carolyn Auman discusses her role and responsibilities as a Senior Channel Account Manager and talks about what Poly Plantronics provides technologically.

What it takes to be Senior Channel Account Manager

There are many types of training, skills, and traits that are needed and helpful for anybody interested in being a Senior Channel Account Manager.

Carolyn Auman discusses what training was the most helpful for her role as an Account Manager and the necessary skills that are needed to successfully be one.

Workplace Environment

Understanding a client’s workplace environment and how you can bring value to it is important.

Carolyn Auman describes how important understanding the workplace environment is and discusses how Poly’s headsets can contribute to a higher productivity. Furthermore, she talks about how her workplace environment revolves around gaining a better understanding about potential clients’ workplace environments.

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