Candice Elliot

Candice Elliot

Human Resources

What Human Resources & Business Focuses

What exactly is Human Resources, and why learn it?

Candice Elliot explains that she chose to go back to school to study HR because it aligned with her background and values. Specifically, she explains what HR focuses on and lists some of the other business subjects that others can choose to pursue to study at a higher level of education.

Human Resource Practice

Through experience, one can see similarities in different industries related to HR practices.

Candice Elliot explains how her experience in different industries has built a foundation for learning about the necessary practices that all industries should practice when it comes to HR. She states that with experience, you learn that different industries all use the same foundation of practices.

Being a Resource Strategist at Fortress and Flourish

To enjoy being a successful resource strategist, there are some necessary skills and traits.

Candice Elliot describes the necessary type of skills and traits for a person that is potentially interested in being a resource strategist in the future. She also describes some traits for people she’s seen enjoy this type of work.

Full Podcast

Tune in to this episode of the What To Be Show to hear from human resources strategist Candice Elliot. Listen as Candice shares her great insight and interesting career journey with us, from teaching English as a second language, to working in the middle east as an archaeological technician, to now running her own human resource company called fortress and flourish.