Burr Guthrie wearing dark jacket

Burr Guthrie

Coordinator of Adult Education at PVUSD

We Need Administration!

Sometimes the industry needs more administrators

Burr describes his journey in becoming an administrator and how he first started out as a teacher and went back to school to receive his further education. His passion was with helping marginalized communities and was convinced to help them further through administrative work

You Never Know How You Can Help

Sometimes you can make the biggest change in places you don’t expect

Burr doesn’t particularly like being an administrator but this is where he can make the best difference in the community. He learned spanish initially in Equadore when studying there for 8 months

Day in the Life

Administration is no easy feat

Burr describes his typical day as an administrator and goes into detail about what he does. Staying connected with students is his most important goal and he tries to spend the majority of his time with students.

Full Podcast

Burr Guthrie walked several career paths along his journey before finding his calling in Adult Education. Though he made sure to keep learning and adding tools to his belt as he tried each path, and he feels it makes him a successful Coordinator of Adult Ed. at the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.