Brad Kava holding a small boy

Brad Kava

Journalist, Teacher, and Publisher 

Past Jobs

Your past is the mold that shapes you into the person that stands today

Brad describes the past jobs and experiences of each one that has shaped him into becoming the person he is today

Ranger Experience

Even if you enjoy your job, there must be a time when you must say goodbye and move on

Brad discusses his experience as a ranger, writing pamphlets on his assigned national park on the side, and what ultimately led him to leave his mostly loved job.

Benefit of Journalism

Everyone enjoys reading, and will always be searching for a topic that interests them

Brad touts the main benefit of journalism, being if you have a passion for a subject, there will likely to be an audience for it, and you will most likely be given the green light to write about it

Motivations of a Teacher

There are positives to a position beyond the numbers on a paycheck

Brad describes the motivations for becoming a teacher in the first place, and was deifnitely not because of the low pay

Full Podcast

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