Bill Fisher

Bill Fisher

Architect and Teacher

Why not to go to Architecture School

Beauty in art is defined on your own, not by a curriculum at an art school.

Bill Fisher describes why he does not advise for someone who is interested in the arts or interested in architecture to go to art or architecture school. Specifically, he details a big part of the curriculum revolves around “learning what is beautiful” when that is something a person already knows about.

Working as an Architect

Don’t let others interfere with your work, and instead, take the initiative to make your design a reality.

Bill Fisher describes the associated costs and pay working as an architect. He states that ideally, for any architect, you should strive to be both the designer and the builder for any project so that another person doesn’t interfere with your work.

Favorite Projects as an Architect

Having much experience in architecture, Ben Fisher describes his favorite projects he’s worked on.

Bill Fisher describes some of his favorite projects as well as a current project that he has found to be very interesting (building a shed for a grandfather to live in).

Full Podcast

Tune in to hear from Santa Cruz Architect Bill Fisher. Bill Shares his career journey in becoming an architect, owning his company, modern architecture and teaching at Cabrillo College for almost 30 years!